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New soundtrack FJAZZ-made. “We are happy to announce My Days to Count’s world premiere, which will take place the evening of July 22nd, 2013 in New York City.
Please save the date!

More details to come shortly… ”

Thursday, May 9, 2013 GIN PALACE

NEW YORK, NY 10009 9pm -3am.

Live Mixtape #1: Sandy Frankenstorm

Release of Jazz’n’Bass Remixes Vol.1!

       To a “digital-era” 15 year old, listening to early Jazz recordings is akin to watching 1950’s television shows in black and white. The modern listener has been bombarded with high-fi bass-music, rendering low-fi classic Jazz tunes obsolete, sonically wise. There is so much to learn from Jazz, however, to many it simply sounds OLD.  Jazz’n’Bass, developed by FJAZZ, aims to update the sound of classic Jazz recordings to new generations of bass-music listeners.

FREE DOWNLOAD @ BandCamp and SoundCloud.

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  Fernando Arruda aka FJAZZ, is a saxophone, flute, clarinet, acoustic guitar, EWI4000s and synthesizer player, producer, composer, sound designer, mix/master engineer and Live DJ. Through this site you can be in touch with his work, download free music, find out about recent projects and shows near you. Feel at home and stay connected through Facebook, TwitterSoundclound and YouTube. Also, dont forget to listen FJAZZ’s new album Sound Bending.